About CMDA

About Us - CMDA

The Calgary Motor Dealers Association (CMDA) is a non-profit organization which represents 78 new vehicle franchised dealers in the City of Calgary. It was formed in 1951 for the enhancement of the industry and the betterment of the community. The CMDA is closely affiliated with the Motor Dealers Association of Alberta (MDA) which has 364 new vehicle franchised dealer members.

Our goal is to make your experience shopping for a vehicle in Calgary as easy as possible. We are here to help you locate your nearest Calgary franchise dealer, your best deal, and your dream vehicle. We can help you locate a dealer near you, or you can browse through our members’ online inventory of New and Used Vehicles from major dealership across the city.


CMDA is committed to making the process of purchasing and finding a new or used vehicle in Calgary easy. As a non-profit group, we provide an unbiased service with the aim of improving the quality of our entire industry, and that includes elements from advertising to issues in government:

Advertising Standards

CMDA members are required to abide by advertising standards that cover such areas as product claims, disclosure of financing terms and conditions, and word usage in advertisements. This is part of our effort to help reduce the incidence of misleading advertising in the industry, whether intentional or accidental.

Government Affairs

The Motor Dealers Association of Alberta (MDA) actively lobbies the Provincial Government to enact protective legislation for both its members and consumers. Two issues we are currently concentrating on are:

  • Auto Theft - Revinned/Stolen vehicles entering Alberta are being sold to dealers and individuals thereby creating property losses and high insurance premiums, as well as a burden on the enforcement agencies.
  • Mandatory safety inspections to ensure only safe vehicles are on the road which will reduce costly and tragic accidents.