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 Autobody Repair is also a licensed trade which, like the service technician, requires a combination of work experience and classroom instruction (one eight-week and two six-week sessions) in order to earn your license.

Using hand and power tools, the AUTOBODY TECHNICIAN replaces, repairs and restores damaged body parts and vehicle frames in accordance with factory, dealership and insurance company specifications. Some autobody technicians specialize in either repairs or painting.

Unibody frames, plastic and aluminum parts, and environmental regulations have made the job of the autobody technician more complex. Today's technician must be able to research information from manuals, books, bulletins, and resource people.

The more education you have, the better your chances are of being hired as an apprentice and succeeding in the trade. Getting a job as a SHOP HELPER and taking autobody repair classes in school is an excellent way to start.

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